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In Janruary 2001 I had an idea that would make SNK vs Capcom Card Fighter Clash playable with cards in hand rather than being confined to playing it on the Neo-Geo Pocket Color. Don't get me wrong I loved playing Card Fighters on my NGPC but I was the only one in town that I knew with the great handheld system. I had other friends that were constantly borowing my system just so they could play the game. At the time I was going through school for Comercial Art so I was able to purchase a copy of Quark Express fairly cheep. The problem I ran into using that program was I was the only one who could actually print the cards off and that forced me to try this using a different method. Now I figured the best way was to just use a paint program. I wanted to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop but those programs were way to expensive so I ended up going with a very under powered program Paint Shop Pro. By February 6, 2001 I had finished the first card.

old ryuThe card shown here is the actual resolution that I went with. For those of you who know anything about printing the quality of those cards were really low. Not to mention the design is really poor.  At the time I really didn't care what the cards looked like because I was more interested in doing the project and just getting it done.

The problem I was running into was this method was that it was taking too long. I completed all of the Action cards most of the SNK and only a handfull of Capcom cards. Back then there were no Reaction Cards to deal with since the only SvC:CFC that I knew of was the first game.

As you can see with this design I took direct sprite rips to construct just about everything . From the Card picture to the Ranks and all the way up to the card descriptions.

old back.Since I am bit of a perfectionist (to my best abilities) I aslo did backs for the cards. Two different desings and both of wich were ugly as sin. The first one that I did of course was the one on the left, but when I would cut the cards I noticed that some of the blue border was not alway centered and it was really obvious at times so I came up with the second design. The one on the right I did not come up with till a while later. It's design is based off of SvC:CFC2 which is why it's quite a bit nicer than the original one. I was not all that good at design so early in my schooling as you can see that as the years have progressed my design skills have grown considerably.

Eventually I got to the point where I started to release the cards to the public. But still... I was not happy with the way the things were going. Despite that I still went out and opened up a site on a free web host. Here is a thumbnail of what the site looked like. As you can see the web design looks an awful lot like a old webcartrige slot from a Neo-Geo AES. I got bored one day and drew that picture using Paint Shop Pro eventually I decided to turn it into a GUI and used it for the Card Fighter Clash website. This site was put up and had absolutly no updates. I only had one news update entry. So basically the project was dead as fast as it went up. 
It didn't take long for me to totally give up on the project until several years later when I got the itch again.

I'm a creature of habit so I went back to working on this through Quark Express I tried everything and it just was not working out. Still running into the same old problem. I can make the cards but how am I suposed to get this out to the public if I'm the only one who can print them.

Finally a friend of mine showed me GIMP. An image manipulation program that is free and open source. This program is just as powerful as Photoshop. From here the project was completed and recived by fans everywhere.
new cards
I started making a second series of cards based off of the DS game but I ended up cutting that series short. Eventually the project would go dormant and almost disapear off the net until Flavor asked me what had happened. At that point he offered to host my website because of the love he has for Card Fighters. I have been very greatful for what he did considering I had become a full time student with no job.

Towards the beginning of 2012 I decided that the project needed a face lift. That summer I began redesigning the cards in hopes that the community would help out by drawing artwork or letting me use their artwork for the cards. I got no response from the community so I decided to move forward on the redesign anyway.

The website would get a 2012 redesign as would the cards. Here is a glimps of the new update:
capcom examplesnk example
Here I am now July 23 2016 and I have completed the project at 100%. It's not the the 100% that I as I originally invisioned, but it is fully complete in that all 424 cards are present and fully playable. Without the suport of the community sending me messages about how much they were excited about what I was doing I never would have finished this process.

Going forward I still have plans on bringing new characters into the game with an expansion from some of the newer games post 2001 which should give me plenty of options. I'm looking at doing a small expansion of around 60-90 new characters on each side and new Action and Reaction cards to follow up.

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This site is not affiliated with SNK or Capcom. All characters and artwork are copyright by their proper owners.
 I do not claim any copyrights on any of their intellectual properties within these pages. No money is being made from this project it has been all for educational purposes only.
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