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retro gamerCard Figher Project was mentioned in Retro Gamer magazine by Image Publishing. It was a short article, and unfortunatly they forgot to mention the URL for the projects website. It was still a neat thing for them to do.

I had been contacted by the writer of the article who was going to post a second article on the project if I send him a full set of the cards. I wish I would have been able to do it, but I did not have that kind of money at the time to help him out. See the article cliping by clicking here.

Gameplay footage

A special thanks goes out to all of the following artists who have contributed to the use of their artwork for the Card Fighter Project. Thank you all!
Ajaxone - Hsien-Ko
Alex Nguyen - Stifler, Engokogeki
Arzuza - Sagat
Autumn-Sacura - Sougetsu
AZN-Porkepik - Psyche Up!
Bananakun - Mischief
Bariarti - Vice (ink work)
BlackOrb00 - G. The Ninja, M. The Knife, Amakusa
Blee & Azhura - Charlie
BossLogic - Zero Akuma
Cgfelker - Hanzo
Chuck Piers - Tiffany (C133)
DaiKuwabara - Damnd
DarkVampireDee - Shadow
DarroldHansen - Fate Duel
E. Sandoval - Roy, Mai, Dong Hwan, Marco R., Rick
Fadlyromdhani - Kyoshiro, HAOHMARU
Fedde - Eli, Kurow
Foxy - Vanessa (DIS)
Murat Gurdal Akkoc [] - Gen-An
JonathanBN - Andy, Freeze One (RE)
Justonatan - Regina
Hydaria - Gai Tendo,
Ian The Hedgehog - Roll Ryan
Jacky Wang - Shin Akuma
Jaradjlee - Krauser
Jet3000 - B. Hayato, Daigo, Rain
JophielS - Jin
Kachakacha - Lilith,
Kanogetz - Baby Head
Keichishoshuko - Substitute
Kimeratoons - Momo
Kyo-Araya - Shizumaru, Kazuki
Lady Mignon - Zankuro, Abduction
Law Of Matthew - Gimmie a Hand, Vice (line art), Kim Su-Il, Akari, Amnisia, Grace
Lima-Hibiki - Cham Cham
Locke20 - Shiki (S), Nakoruru (S)
Louten - King, Fio, ZERO, Whip
Lukex8 - Mai Ling (alt)
Matt Harding - Mai Ling
MegaDaniel - Rush
Miyo - Kyoko, Arthur, Mega Man X, Demitri, Cammy, Dahalsim, Ryu, Alex
Nick-Ian - Setsuna
NicholasAshford - Clair, Jill (M)
Omarkhan - Eiji
Peter-The-Tomato - Lord Raptor, Rikuo, Queen Bee, Victor
Push Pulse (Olga Malysheva) - Leon
Ran-Zu - Akira
Ravagaard - Unite!
RGM501 - Retsu, Ibuki, Dudley, SA Swap
Sagatt - Yamazaki, Guy, Hugo
SeruMurakami - Alfred
Trakker - Bamboo Shoots
T-Spencil - Rouge
Toviorogers - Terry, R. Mika, Sakura, Chun-Li (A), Iori, Athena
Vincusmt - Management
Victor Lozada - Vanessa
Werder - Krizalid, Rugal
Wizyakuza - Nemesis
ZehB - Blodia

Special Thanks
Ed Mandy - for his willingness to take care of the server costs over the years.
Vincent Tam - for assistance towards the end finding needed art for AC and RE cards.
Raúl Sáez - for finding many particular errors.

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This site is not affiliated with SNK or Capcom. All characters and artwork are copyright by their proper owners.
 I do not claim any copyrights on any of their intellectual properties within these pages. No money is being made from this project it has been all for educational purposes only.
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