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MockSo you might be asking yourself, “What is this project all about?” Well, what we have done here was recreated the SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash (which was released for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color) into actual playing cards, so that you can play the game with your friends as a physical card game. The game was released in 1999 and many of the rules that have been adapted to this project were part of the 2nd game in the series which was never released in the US.

This is a project that I stared back in January of 2001 and never was quite happy with the end results and have been working on it for now more than a decade. There have been many years when it just sat around, but in the summer of 2012 I felt the need to overhaul the project once again.

This has been a labor of love ever since the beginning. I have never made one red cent from this project and I never will. This is available to all for free. If you want to print your own cards that will be of course at your own expense; this would be because of the cost of paying either the print shop that you work with to get the work done for you, or to use your home printer to print the cards up.

This project was originally created for my own educational purposes. The idea was to create a card game by using my training as a graphic artist. This project has been overhauled in 2012-2013 to get attention back to the original Card Fighters Clash rules. All images used in the card game fall under the Fair Use Act. If you find any art on these cards that you own the rights to let me know and I will give you credit for your work or I will have it removed. All cards marked as “Signature Series” have been used by permission the artists or those who commissioned the artwork. The last thing I would ever want to do is upset anyone over this project. Especially SNK or Capcom. Without their great games I would have missed out on a lot of entertainment.

Printable instructions and card box - 4/7/15
Since these files have been requested so often I've decided to go ahead and just release them. Both the printable instructions (Color or Black & White) and the boxes for the Capcom and SNK decks. I did not originally want to release these for fear of people trying to sell them on eBay and such places to try and make a buck off of a game that has been free since I started this project. So, I have decided to release it in a modified form.

Card C115 finished - 3/21/15
C115 thumbnailI had a bit of free time today since I've injured myself and I can basically only lay in the recliner. I decided to take Lucifer from Card Fighter's Clash 2 and redraw him for the project. Not quite the style I was wanting to go with for him, but it's better than not having him at all. There are still more characters that are needing to be finished up beofore the entire card set is completed. If anyone is interested in taking on the other cards here is the list of what is still needed, just email me or contact me through our Facebook page if you are interested in submitting the art:
A036 - Stifler (Last Blade)
A061 - Engokogeki (Metal Slug POW shooting fireball)
C095 - Option (All of the Option characters from Strider)
C142 - Yurika (Project Justice)
R024 - Manali's Song (Sorry not sure what game she is from. Might be Project Justice)
R027 - Flare (Not sure, but looks like Metal Slug)
R034 - Reclaim (Art of Fighting 3, Wang Koh-San)
S112 - Takato (Buriki One)

Card S126 correction - 3/12/15
First update for the year! Nothing big, except one of the fans of the site found an error on a card that needed to have immediate attention. So a big thank you goes out to Richard for finding it. Card S126 has been updated with much a much better use of the English language ;)
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This site is not affiliated with SNK or Capcom. All characters and artwork are copyright by their proper owners.
 I do not claim any copyrights on any of their intellectual properties within these pages. No money is being made from this project it has been all for educational purposes only.
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